They say actions speak louder than words. At Touchlineui, we believe that pictures also speak louder than words. And that is why we find it appropriate to celebrate our 1st year anniversary with pictures that depict all that we stand for here.

Wow! It’s been 12 months of bliss and we give you 12 special pictures. You, our esteemed readers, are the source of this bliss. We cannot be here without you; it is because of you we work day and night and your comments and views keep encouraging us to strive more. These pictures inspire belief and determination and that is what you give to us. This is for you, yes you!

Fig 1: A goal to remember, a moment of pure brilliance from Rooney against Man City






Fig 2: What do you see? I see the heavens open and the lamb of God..Even in the face of hardship and pain, you keep us going













Fig 3: When we fall, it’s the point to learn how to rise

Fig 4: O.k, this is hilarious and crazy; for you, we can go to this length (well,maybe)







Fig 5: Uhm, which is more brilliant, the dive or the goal?.. singing, we’ll catch a grenade for you







Fig 6: What is there to say, we never give up (though i think he did)






Fig 7: An headstand, ah! this one is hard






Fig 8: Our eyes are surely focused; rest assured, we always touchdown here in touchline














Fig 9: As long as it is for you….








Fig 10: Even with our eyes closed, we never miss or the goal







Fig 11: We never say never (oops! just did that). O.K, we never say die (now that is better)








Fig 12: This is so good, we had to take it twice. An epitome of all we stand for here. You’ve made us believe that nothing is impossible, no height is unattainable, no feat unrealistic, no jump too hard…







Happy birthday Touchlineui! Hurray Touchlineui is 1!! Consequently, Touchlineui will be sending out birthday gifts to its faithful readers. To 4 special readers: the first 3 people to comment on this article and the reader with the highest comments overall. Please note that these gifts are only available to those within Nigeria. Kindly drop your phone numbers as you comment. Thanks.


What is your take?

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