This match-up would have been best described as a match made in paradise but, of course, there are no fights in paradise. The whole world has indeed waited for this fight; the 74 million dollar rake-in from tickets alone says it all. Regardless of the money at stake, one thing is certain; both are fighting for their egos and a chance to eternally etch their names in the sands of greatness.

A lot has been said about this fight, various debates breaking out on social media but just what do these boxers represent, what are their styles and techniques, strengths and weaknesses? Touchlineui presents to you, in a concise approach, The Money and The Manny Teams!


Manny:                                                                                                           Floyd:

‘pac-man’                                            Nickname                                           ‘money’

General Santos, Phillipines                 Origin                                                 Las Vegas, Nevada

57-5-2 (38 knockouts)                         Fight record                                       47-0 (26 knockouts)

1.69m                                                  Height                                                 1.73m

67kg                                                    Weight                                                67kg

Southpaw                                            Style                                                    Orthodox



QUICK FEET: He is fast, damn fast! His victories have been based on super-fast attacks. Manny always takes each bout head-on. But he’s not just got quick feet alone, he possesses quick hands too. His punches come in quick succession, and he averages far more punches per round than Floyd does.

ENERGY: It is of course natural that with quick feet and a quick succession of punches, one would expect Manny to be energetic. And he sure is.

POWER PUNCH: As a south-paw, his killer punch is in the left hand. Manny throws power jabs a lot with his right hand, which are quite dangerous, but the real danger lies in that left hand. A record of 38 knockouts says it all.


DEFENSE: A lot has been said about his defensive abilities and rightly so. Floyd has got quick feet that help him steer clear of opponent’s punches. Apart from that, his shoulder roll technique and frequent head ducks make him one hard man to knockdown, not to talk of a knockout.


TECHNIQUE: Floyd has greater technique than most of his counterparts, if not all. His ability to read is opponent is quite exceptional. Floyd, unlike others, does not focus on the weaknesses of his opponents; rather he trains to take away their strengths. He makes adjustments during bouts as well, making him predictably unpredictable.

SPEED & PRECISION: He may not carry the heaviest punches but he more than makes up for that with a lightening hand-speed and bull’s eye accuracy. Floyd doesn’t waste punches, his jabs are not designed to hurt his opponent but to him out of their range.

COUNTER-PUNCH: Due to his technical ability and patience, Floyd gets to counter punch a lot and this is effective because the attacking opponent is already left open.




IMPATIENCE: Okay, he is not the patient type. He rushes in and throws a lot of punches. A large percentage of these are wasted.

FLEXIBILITY: He is more of a single-approach guy. Boxers that have troubled him, Marquez, are those who have slowed him down and made him think. He has only one approach to bouts, which is to keep attacking.

POWER PUNCHES: No doubt these take a lot of energy but more than that, his punching technique makes him commit so much to a single power punch that he is left open without any defence. Against Marquez, he got hit severally on the counter.



SPEED: He has got quick feet alright but he has never faced someone quite as fast as Manny.

SHOULDER-ROLL: His shoulder-roll defensive technique is ineffective against southpaws.

POWER: Compared to heavy punchers, his power punch does not carry a lot of power but may still do the damage.


One fact most fans miss is that Floyd has fought 8 southpaws and defeated all of them. This is not to say southpaws do not give him problems, but he has found his way around them in times past. Corey, a southpaw and present trainer, gave him a lot of trouble but Corey was a patient boxer unlike Manny.

Manny’s best bet is to outwork Floyd. His energy and speed quick feet present a danger for Floyd and if he gets to hit him with those power punches, he might just carry the day. However, while Manny dances all around Floyd, throwing, wasting punches, and making mistakes, Floyd might just get the chance to sting him and slow him down. And once Manny gets slowed down, it’s almost over.

Considering Floyd’s defensive prowess, Manny may not get to hit him a lot with those straight lefts. Manny might get better luck with an out-swinging right than a straight left. Floyd might get to weave the straight lefts but won’t be expecting a right at the back of his ear; this might create the opening Manny needs.

Floyd must increase his punch output and be less conservative. He has the reach and must use it to his advantage. He must throw his jabs more often to distract Manny and prevent him from getting closer but that is a big ask because Manny will always get closer. Since Manny doesn’t mind getting those jabs, Floyd must put more power into those jabs than he normally does in order to make Manny mind.

Contrary to public opinion, Manny also has his defence. You cannot be a champion and not have one. It’s just that he is not as defensive as Floyd. His shoulder drops and feints should save him some hits from Floyd.

Both boxers will do themselves a lot of good if they throw power jabs at each other’s bodies.


Going out on a limb here; Mayweather may weather the storm, just about though! In any case, it’s sure going to be a hell of a bout, one that the world has craved for since Ali- Frazier.